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ESL Communication Coaching

Don’t just learn English communication skills…

Play with them

Understand them

Apply them

Own them.


Welcome to my ESL Communication Coaching!


My goal is simple: make sure you're understood, no matter your native language!

Experience a unique, personalized learning journey with me. We kick off with an activity-based curriculum as a guide, but I tailor everything to fit your communication and English skills. No boring top-down teaching here – I want you actively engaged!

We'll refine your responses together, finding and fixing errors in your communication. Through lots of practice, you'll smoothly express complex ideas beyond our sessions, mastering pronunciation and grammar. I'll push you just enough to grow.

Stuck on pronunciation or grappling with grammar? Let's tackle those issues head-on, creating new sentences with correct pronunciation.

Take charge of your words! If there's a communication hiccup, figure out why and revise until it's crystal clear. I'm here for guidance and support whenever you need it.

Join me for a fun, personalized experience that transforms not only your language skills but also how you think about communication in English. We'll dive deep into what you want to say, how to say it, and the sounds you need for clarity. 

Every Session Includes



Accent Reduction



Detailed Feedback



After each session, you will also receive a detailed report that provides you with a summary of our session and your improvement. Each report will be provided to you via the Client Portal.

Before & After Example

Take a look at some examples of coaching sessions...

Receive detailed and guided pronunciation exercises for sounds that you struggle with.

See a sample of my student struggling to find the correct pronunciation when saying the word "on".

Transform your vocabulary.

Find new ways to communicate your ideas by enriching your vocabulary.

Transform your Pronunciation

Pronouncing "Foot"

*Real audio clip of my class*

Learn the correct pronunciation and understand why your existing pronunciation is causing confusion for your listeners.

Pronouncing "In the theme park, the line up is long in front of the thrilling ghost house"

*Real audio clip from my class*

Transform your grammar.

Find mistakes in your own sentences and work with me to correct them until they are as clear as they can be.

Transform your conversation skills.

Exercise your critical thinking skills and learn to start conversations with open ended questions about interesting topics

Learn common english expressions.

Understand common expressions that you may overhear in conversations with english speakers, and learn to use them in sentences/improvised conversations yourself

Learn to clearly communication the intention of your message.

Work towards connecting the intention of your message with the correct grammar and vocabulary, so the listener always understands what you want to say and not only what you do say.

View all your progress in the new Client Portal

Image by Alberto Bigoni

And many more lesson elements...

Picture Conversations

Photo analysis

Intonation Practise

Body language

Shared Story Writing

Crtical Thinking

Synonyms & Antonyms


Stutter Correction

Opinion Expression

Debate Practise

Formal vs. Informal language

“Wow! This tutor is really knowledgeable and understands how to correct my pronunciation. Thank him for guiding today. I hope to take his class in the near future.."

April, Taiwan (Age 19)

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If you want to work together or have any questions, please reach out!

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