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Free-Talk Phone Call

Too busy to attend online classes?
Looking to take your natural conversation skills to the next level?

Welcome to my Free-Talk Phone Call service. A new and unique service that offers you the chance to have an unrehearsed phone call with me, a native english speaker and experienced ESL teacher.


This is a great opportunity for you to practice speaking English in a natural and authentic setting. During the call, you'll get personalized feedback and tips on how to improve your pronunciation, grammar, tone and general communication skills. In real-time, you'll experience how your conversation communication style may be causing confusion for your listeners and how you can overcome this.

Don't worry if you're not sure what to talk about – I'll lead the conversation with meaningful and fun conversation topics that will encourage you to share your opinion.


Check out some examples with my beginner Japanese student...

Conversation Practise

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Here's what my students are saying

“So interesting! I chose you as a teacher and I think it was the right answer. I am looking forward to a fun class. I tell my friends, it is so good"

Mizuki, Japan (Age 27)

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